Sea freight

In the global logistics trade, sea freight is one of the most popular ways to deliver goods. The reason for this is the relatively low cost and wide transport possibilities.
NEO-Logistic has been shipping goods by sea transport for over 10 years. We offer our customers very convenient high-quality service.
A well-developed partners network and close cooperation with the largest shipping lines ensure competitive rates and priority for our customers cargo even during the high season.

We use containers of any type and size strictly in accordance with ISO standards, ensuring the safety of cargo and timely delivery.

The advantages of NEO-Logistic in the implementation of sea freight:

  • We optimize the costs of our customers, providing low cost shipping and choosing the best logistics route.
  • We are always online, advising clients on all matters of transportation of your cargo.
  • We ship any types and volumes of goods between all continents.
  • We provide a high level of security due to additional insurance of transported containers.

We track the location of goods at any time, regardless of the time of day and holidays.


Road shipping

Road shipping is most popular type of cargo shipping in the world. According to statistics, about 70% of all cargo transportation on the planet is carried out by means of road transport.
NEO-Logistics pays special attention to this type of logistics services, which is based on the individual development of each route in strict accordance with customer requirements

We provide comprehensive support and support throughout the journey of the cargo. Timely assessment of the road situation allows you to quickly adjust the planned route, in order to meet delivery times.

The advantages of road shipping with NEO-Logistic:

  • Motor transport is a key link in any logistics chain, delivering cargo to ports, airports, railway stations, warehouses and factories.
  • Convenience of operation and maintenance ensure uninterrupted delivery of cargo even in the event of a vehicle breakdown;
  • Efficiency and predictability of delivery time, without link to the schedule, time of day and calendar
  • Confidence in the safety of cargo, provided by the presence of CMR insurance for each carrier, which guarantees the customer compensation in the event of loss or damage caused by the carrier company.
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment terms.

NEO-Logistic can provide following services

  • Large and small cargo shipments (own and subcontracted fleet with a capacity of up to 40 cubic meters as well as trucks from 82 to 120 cubic meters)
  • ADR cargo, oversized cargo;
  • Refrigerators and isotherms.

Rail cargo shipments

Rail transportation is one of the safest and most reliable ways to deliver cargo. A developed railway network connects a huge number of countries and cities, providing uninterrupted communication. Key advantage of transportation using rail transport is reliability, safety and predictability of delivery times. Experienced specialists from the team of professionals "NEO-Logistic" will help to plan in detail each route with minimal time costs and an optimal budget.

We offer several options for rail cargo shipments, making a detailed proposal for the selection and ordering of rolling stock.

Advantages of rail transportation with NEO-Logistic:

  • We mapping the best route taking into account all possible risks and the wishes of the client;
  • We carry out a full range of loading and unloading and rigging works, because we care about the time of each client;
  • We concentrate on reliability and safety, providing the necessary fastening operations for transportation in freight cars and open-type platforms;
  • We take on all the obligations of documentary support.


Airfreight is the fastest and most reliable way to deliver cargo, the high cost fully justifies the efficiency of the service provided. The NEO-Logistic company offers favourable conditions for the air transportation of goods in most important destinations, for example, St. Petersburg - China.
Our partners are the largest Chinese airlines China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. A significant advantage of the company is cooperation with the Heli-Impex temporary storage warehouse near Pulkovo Airport . We can provide ground handling services and preferential storage rates.

The advantages of air freight with the company "NEO-Logistic":

  • We develop a route based on the requirements for each delivery;
  • We select the optimal carrier and reserve a place on the aircraft;
  • We carry out a full range of loading, handling and rigging works;
  • We help with packing, weighing and measuring the load;
  • We undertake all responsibilities for documentary support and customs clearance;
  • We provide warehouse and forwarding services, ensuring safe transportation and storage of cargo.

Cargo insurance

The specialists of NEO-Logistic in the past faced with a variety of situations during shipment of cargo. Insurance is very important in those situations. Insurance service help customer to protect cargo in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Compulsory cargo insurance in Russia is not stipulated by the current legislation and is carried out on a voluntary basis.

NEO-Logistic cares about all customers, therefore it provides comprehensive consulting support in matters related to cargo insurance. We are always ready to share our experience in order to determine the best insurance option.


Storage and Warehousing

We only work with European warehouses, which are based on the territory of the customs terminal. We offer a full range of warehousing services, as well as additional opportunities for opening / closing an export / transit declaration and issuing CMR / TIR.

Consolidation warehouses have a convenient geographical location and are located in key transportation hubs through which the main transit cargo flows: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk, Vilnius, Tallinn.

All warehouses with which we work are equipped with the necessary equipment for loading, unloading, packing, moving and storing cargo. We are fully responsible for the operations carried out in warehouses, based on providing a full photo / video report, both from the warehouses and from independent surveyors.


Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is one of most important services of our company. It consist of set of measures related to ensuring the smooth movement of cargo, its safety and delivery within a specified period.

A distinctive feature of NEO-Logistic is the existence of partnerships with major carriers that provide preferential treatment for the use of containers and facilities, as well as the possibility of promptly resolving controversial issues.

The advantages of freight forwarding by "NEO-Logistic"

  • We carry out a full range of services related to the intra-port cargo 
  • We interact with lines and terminals in the following areas:

- receipt of documents for the cargo;
- delivery of originals of bills of lading in line;
- operational monitoring of the availability of releases;
- preliminary calculation, payment of local fees; storage, demurrage, detention, other terminal and linear expenses;
- Bringing containers in transportable condition and setting those at the request of the client for inspection, IDC and weighing.

  • We organize work on the removal of loaded containers from the port;
  • We provide return of empty containers.


Groupage/Part load is a popular way to transport goods from different customers in one direction and on one vehicle. Groupage/Part load is the best solution for customers who want to send small batches of goods of up to 20 cubic meters.

This type of shipping can significantly reduce the cost of transporting goods.

The advantages of groupage delivery from NEO-Logistic company:

  • We help to choose the most suitable delivery option for the client, considering the timing and specifics of the cargo;
  • Collecting the goods from the client's warehouse and provide further transportation to the transit terminal;
  • We carry out a full range of loading, handling and rigging works;
  • We help with packing, weighing and measuring the load;
  • We arrange documentary support and customs clearance;
  • We deliver customers goods to the warehouse of the recipient.